How student convinced varsity board to name facility after Kibaki

George Ngugi, a student of Mount Kenya University School of Public Health, was honoured for coming up with the winning name for the institution’s convention centre, following a competition. His proposal was picked after he explained why the facility should be named after former President, Mwai Kibaki.

Mr. Ngugi said the Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre would acknowledge the third president of the Republic of Kenya who is somewhat unrecognised in the naming of landmarks in the country. Mr Ngugi further pointed out that Mwai Kibaki conceived and brought to fruition the Thika Superhighway that has transformed transport to the north, out of Nairobi.

This multi-lane highway plays a major role to the university by providing easy access to Thika town, where the institution is headquartered, and for connecting the town to Nairobi and other parts of the country. “His administration also paved the way for opening up of more private universities,” noted the student.

Two other students will be honoured for coming second and third in the convention naming contest. Mr Emmanuel Ntokoiwan of the MKU School of Computing and Informatics emerged the first runner-up. Ms Sarah Ali of the School of Engineering, Energy and Built Environment was the second runner-up.