Keeping up with your academics

On behalf of University management, we take this opportunity to welcome freshmen and thank you for choosing the best private university in Kenya. In light of securing your academic journey in Mount Kenya University, here are some important areas you need to pay attention to;
1. Class Attendance
To book your place in the examination room, ensure you attend most if not all the lectures Examinations will ONLY be issued to students who have met the 75% attendance requirement
2. Class Representatives
An important cogwheel in running of the University, they play a key role in ensuring constant, consistent and productive engagements with your department and lecturers. Be in constant communication with your respective class representative so as to be up to date with information related to your studies and course.
3. CATs and Assignments
These are continuous assessment tests offered before end of semester/Trimester examinations. Ensure you sit for CATs, sign CAT attendance list, safely keep your CAT mark results for future reference. CAT papers will be returned by your lecturers.
4. Examinations
Interact with the Student Handbook section 24.0 on General Examination regulations, and familiarize yourself with examinations rules, irregularities and penalties. This will help you avoid unnecessary hustle with relevant offices
5. Result slip (s)
Available in your individual portals at the beginning and or mid of the new semester. i.e results for May/Aug 2021/2022 semester will be posted early/mid next semester Sept/Dec 2021/2022 in your student portal. Print your result slip every semester upon release of results

Please Note In the beginning of a new semester; –
A) Ensure you check your results
B) Ensure you confirm results for ALL units are in your result slip
C) Ensure you follow up on missing units/marks on time via relevant offices
D) Print your result slip and keep a copy
6. Student Email
Upon admission, ensure you create your student email (steps provided in your student portal)
7. Academic Leave
The following grounds warrant students to defer their studies; sickness, paternity/maternity, bereavement/loss, lack of tuition fees. It should be noted, discontinuation of studies without proper communication with the University has ripple effects on your studies Deferment application forms are available at Office of the Registrar.
President Obama in his address to students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 14th, 2010 he said “But you’ve got a job, too.  You’ve got to show up to school on time.  You’ve got to pay attention in your class.  You’ve got to do your homework.  You’ve got to study for exams.  You’ve got to stay out of trouble.  You’ve got to instill a sense of excellence in everything that you do.” 
“That kind of discipline, that kind of drive, that kind of hard work, is absolutely essential for success” President Obama said.