Meet James Njoroge (6th Year Medicine and Surgery student)

I am James Njoroge Ireri, a 6th year medical student at Mount Kenya University (MKU). I joined campus in September 2015, having being gifted this chance to pursue my dream career. I am also passionate about research and mental health advocacy which I try to make some time for in my ever-busy schedule.

I am a former member of the Oli Health Magazine and Organization (OHMO), a voluntary international organization that engages young people from around the world in professional health education and scientific research. The works of the organization have been featured by Forbes Magazine and recognized by the United Nations Youth Envoy. We managed to create awareness on medical topics, publish research/ medical articles, educational videos and other interactive material. OHMO has also hosted international conventions in the past for health professionals and students.

I am currently the Vice-president of the upcoming Mount Kenya University Medical Research Club (MKUMReC) that I helped co-found. It aims to inform, guide and encourage an ethos of research amongst undergraduate medical students in pursuit of evidence-based learning of medicine. The club has organized a joint mentorship program for its students (in collaboration with other medical school research clubs from other universities), and also currently undertaking a few researches that we soon hope to publish.

I am the Chairperson (and a cofounder) of Psychywell, a mental health awareness association in MKU Medical School that aims at helping medical students cope with their everyday academic stressors, thus promoting a stable academic environment for them. The association has organized and hosted various activities and talks such as webinars on Depression, and Med-school Stresses (and how to overcome them). I have also represented the Psychywell team as a panelist on various national talks on mental health such as the Suicide Prevention Webinar that was hosted by Chiromo Mental Health Hospital, held on 17th September 2020.

I am a former member of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YPCDN) – Thika Chapter that volunteered, participated and organized for the 3rd The Zambezi Hospital Cancer Walk 2017. The organization also campaigned for a Physical Activity Awareness Campaign held at my university, which aimed at sensitizing the public and the youth on the importance of physical activity in preventing heart diseases, obesity and diabetes among other chronic diseases.

• I have volunteered at a number of cancer screening camps organized by HCGCCK Cancer Centre and Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF), organizations that host cancer screening camps across the country. Also included is the medical camp organized by Mount Kenya University in collaboration with Thika Level 5 Hospital and the Zambezi Hospital. It was held at my university from 30th July to 3rd August 2018.
• I have participated in one of Global Outreach Mission’s (GOM) medical camps that took place on 11th – 18th August 2019 at Ishiara, Embu County, jointly organized by GOM and Deliverance Church, Thika. During this time, the medical team was able to offer medical assistance and spiritual teachings to the locals.

BLOG: Being passionate about mental health, I do take the time to write about it. I try to talk about mental mindfulness with poetic words of affirmation, and some bit of art.

ART: Drawing, majorly portraiture. I have showcased some of my art pieces at the temporary Embu Art Gallery display.

SPORTS: I participated in the Chess national Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) games on behalf of my university, held in Eldoret, December 2019.

I have also played in other interuniversity tournament games in Chess and Karate, and Basketball as a leisure sport.

LANGUAGES: English, Swahili, French, Kikuyu, Kiembu.

OTHER: Skills in Graphic design (self-taught).