Meet Ms. Catherine Wangui: Miss university Africa Kenya contestant

Ms. Catherine Wangui was crowned 1st Runners Up Miss WOSWA 2022 on 4th June 2022 and she is currently in the race for the next Miss university Africa Kenya.

She is a 4th year student taking Bachelor’s in Social Work and Administration in Mount Kenya University.

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What’s it like competing in pageants?

Requires self-confidence, self-respect. sometimes you feel nervous but you have to overcome all your obstacles to succeed. Every category has different feeling sometimes you don’t win even when you give your best.

Why do you think you should win this competition?

Because I have practiced, prepared and waited for this competition. My creativity on stage and attire is also my biggest flex. I also have the right support behind me and with the support of Mount Kenya University students we’ll win this. Yes!

What’s your favorite aspect of competing?

I believe in myself. I do feel there is no important part of a pageant that another, right from walks, possess, turns, question and answer session and even the attire you wear.

So how did you come to be 1st Runners Up Miss WOSWA?

The journey started early, I have always wanted to be on top of the world in pageantry. Thus, when an opportunity arose at WOSWA I offered my candidature. With support from friends and family, and the Almighty God, I won.

I believe this is is just the beginning of my long journey in this.

Tell us about WOSWA

Women and students welfare association is a non governmental organization that deals with empowerment of women and students across the country. At WOSWA, we do charity work as well as give both women and students a platform to air their grievances and advise one another.

What’s it like to have won that crown?

Obviously I’m happy; proud and honored to be the phase of the competition but it doesn’t all end here. Today’s journey end here but another journey just begin today.

What was it like competing in the statewide competition?

It’s a big stage. It comes with a different feeling, sometimes you are nervous and at times you feel proud of yourself for making it to the national stage. Being that this is what love I do try to give it my all no matter the stage; local, national or international

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to learn more, inspire more and win more. I also look forward to nurturing more young and talented girls into this industry.

What Inspired You To Decide To Do Pageantry?

From younger age I was always referred by my parents as the beauty queen. As I grew up  I kept horning my trade. Then I met my current coach Stephie the CEO Aspire models and he recruited me and that was my starting point, I have slipped several times but he has always encouraged me to rise again and here I am, ready to face the world.

Would You Describe It As More Of A Competitive Environment Or A Supportive Environment?

I would describe it as both competitive and supportive. As models we need a lot of support to keep going as well we support different organizations and that keeps them running. It is competitive because at any point you lose focus on what you should be doing someone else will take over.

What Are Some Misconceptions About Beauty Pageants?

There are a lot but the one which doesn’t please me the most is that models are prostitutes, most people see us as just some ill-mannered people with no morals or values. A stereotype that should be extirpated.

Is there a program you’re running currently?

Currently I work with WOSWA which is a women and student welfare association which empowers women and students who are in different fields depending with their vulnerabilities.

What is your social impact initiative and how does it help others?

We support women and girls and even young children through building houses for the homeless, the elderly, paying school fees for the less fortunate students and giving food donations to  street children and families.

What are some of your goals as Miss University Africa- Kenya for this year?

First as the face of University Kenya, I will  advocate and try to partner with relevant and willing organizations including the government for peace campaign during this electioneering period.

I’ll also mop up support for the modeling industry for those young and ambitious models in the country to get a platform to showcase their talent

To change the current stereotype on models, I’ll  organize the MODELS ARE NOT PROSTTUTES campaign to counter this narrative and boost the morale of pageants entering this field.

What do you do in your spare time?

Being a social worker I spend more time doing charity, reading and my attending my modeling practice at least three time a week.

What is your single biggest achievement?

Clinching the 1st Runner’s Up Miss WOSWA title this year.

What is your message to young girls and young women in Kenya

Never give up, if you are passionate about something keep pushing.

What is one thing you would like to change about Kenya?

We have a very beautiful country I would really love to showcase the beauty of Kenya and promote unity in our diversity. This is a very beautiful country with beautiful people. I would really wish to change the perspective of viewing models as prostitutes, could delete the thoughts of tribal politics in people’s minds, Kenyans complain about corruption but in my view it is not corruption but tribal politics, we elect bad leaders because they come from our ethnic groups leaving better and more visionary leaders, this has always led to bad governance. How I wish I could change that, I would like to do that.

What is the No 1 piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

I wish I would identify my passion early enough. However, I have no regrets with respect to that.

Who is your role model?

Definitely my Mum. My number one cheerleader. She brought me up and made me who I am and still supports me in this journey and I really look up to her.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing young people today?

Social media and Mental health.

The former aggravates the latter. Social Media puts pressure beings  on our young people leading to rising cases of death due to mental health. It’s appalling that we’re loosing many youths due to mental health.

What is your favorite dish?

African dishes, meat in general, it doesn’t matter which meat; fish, goat, beef

What book are you currently reading?

Carving of a firebrand by Irene kendi

She talks of a journey of brokenness, breakthrough, loss and restoration. coming from a humble background being raised by a single mother and what m passionate about I found it relevant.

What is your message to Kenyan youths as we approach General National elections?

First I would like to tell Kenyan youths that we are charged with the responsibility of choosing the good leaders for our country.

Secondly, elections will come and go and our neighbors will remain our neighbors ( regardless of ethnic extraction)

Thirdly, let’s remain peaceful and never give in to politicians whipping our ethnic chords. We are one people, we have one country and let’s remain united as a country.