MKU ushers in new MKUSA council 2022/2023

As constituted in MKUSA Constitution, Student Leaders elections are held on the first Friday of the month of February. This year election was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 2nd February where delegates were voted by the students and on Friday 4th February, 2022 (Delegates voted for MKUSA council) across all our campuses.

Electioneering period in the University is an exciting experience. During this period, students from all the Schools meet, interact, vote for their preferred delegates who represents school and this make them have a real life scenario of a voting process.

Elections are marked in a free and fair process where we emphasis on the elections procedures until we have the new council voted in. Mr. Emmanuel Owuor Dean of Student said.

According to our constitution, preparation of the election is done way before February. Civic education is the first process and must be done to the shareholders, this was done on October, 2021.

Followed by the applications and registration of students’ clerks, MKUSA Electoral Commissioners, potential Aspirants and potential delegates. This process started on 22nd November, 2021 and ended on 3rd December, 2021.

Verification of the applicants on the eligibility was done between 6th December, 2021 to 3rd January, 2022.

As per the MKUSA Constitution, Section 62, page 41(a), MKUSA 2021/2022 council was dissolved and transition committee was appointed by the Dean of Students/Associate Deans of Students in all campuses.

Dean of Students then constitute MKUSA 2022 Elections’ Vetting Committee where members are drawn from various department, directorate and chaplaincy of the university and their terms of reference are:

  1.  To verify, vet and interview the students interested in participating in the elections as MKUSA Electoral Commissioners, delegates, clerks and students’ council aspirants.
  2. The vetting panel then formulate rules and regulations for the effective management of the vetting process, and conduct the nomination of the candidates as per MKUSA Constitution University Policies and Academic and Finance, and University Act of 2012 amended in 2016.
  3. The vetting committee then forward a list of vetted students to the Dean of Students office.

Dean of Students then formulated MKUSA 2022 Internal Appeal Committee with membership drawn from student welfare where their main work is to listen to the appeals and determine against the elections processes, procedures and vetting independently.

MKUSA 2022 Electoral Commissioners were vetted by MKUSA 2022 Elections Vetting Committee between 13th – 19th January, 2022 followed by the appointment of MKUSA Electoral Commissioners. MKUSA 2022 Aspirants were also vetted by MKUSA 2022 Elections Vetting Committee and the final list of MKUSA 2022 Aspirants shortlisted was posted. Appointment of Students Clerks was done on Saturday 29th January, 2022. Vetting of Delegates was done and list of vetted Delegates was posted.

This year MKUSA Aspirants debate was held on 28th January, 2022. All aspirants were required to participate and it was modulated by a staff member from student welfare.

A total of 96 delegates from different Schools were voted in on 2nd February, 2022 through secret ballot by the students.

Elections of MKUSA council by delegates through secret ballot was done on 4th February, 2022. This is followed by Inauguration ceremony of elected MKUSA 2022/2023 students councils that was held on 11th February, 2022

MKUSA Student Leaders 2022/2023

Thika (Main)Campus

  • Mr. Sanju Ken Kajwang – Chairperson (Bsc in Public Administration and Governance 3rd year)
  • Mumina Hussein Adan – Vice-Chairperson (Bsc in Business Management 4th year)
  • Abdisalam Dahir Yussuf – Secretary General (Bsc in Petroleum Exploration and Production 3rd year )
  • Brian Kelly- Academics (Bsc of Education Special Needs, 3rd year )
  • Hassan Adan Somo – Finance Secretary (Bsc in Petroleum Exploration and Production , 3rd year )
  • Wambua Msembi – Sports Secretary (Bsc In Economics and Finance, 3rd yr )
  • Paul Kanyi Macharia – Entertainment & Welfare Secretary (Bsc of Education Arts, 3rd year )

Meru Campus

Ms. Betty Kaimuri Kaibung’a – Chairperson (Bachelor of Commerce- finance , 2nd year)

Nakuru Campus

Mr. Fred Kinyae – Chairperson (Bachelor of Commerce- finance, 3rd year)

Eldoret Campus

Mr. Titus Taitta Towet (Bachelor of Commerce- Accounting, 3rd year)

Mombasa Campus

  • Mr. Rotho Mohamed ­– Chairperson (Bsc in Procurement, 2nd year)
  • Said Jumaan Omar – Vice Chairperson (Bsc of Business Information Technology, 2nd year)

Nairobi Campus

  • Ms. Yvonne Yael Otieno – Chairperson (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, 3rd year)