Varsity holds training for person abled differently

Mount Kenya University continues to actualize its commitment and ink progressive strides towards inclusive measures and bridging the caps among the differently abled students. As thus the university has so far partnered with two institutions; Flight Training Institute(FTI) and Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa(KBTA) to support the students abled differently. This makes Mount Kenya University the only University in Kenya to have acquired these machines- a stride in the right direction.

In a successful event held on 15 October 2021 between Mount Kenya University and Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa during the International White Cane Day, the university received 10 Orbit Reader 20 machines as a donation from the KBTA opening a new chapter of transformation in the university as far as the matters of the Visually Impaired students related to learning and examinations are concerned. The two institutions later organized an event of equipping the member’s of staff and students to use the devices with usability skills on the Orbit Reader 20.

An Orbit Reader 20 is a 3-in-1 device which serves as a self-contained book reader, note-taker, and braille display by connecting to a computer or smartphone. These gadgets will go a long way in smoothening the learning process of students abled differently.

The event which was launched officially on Monday 01/11/2021 by the Chief Executive Officer Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa, Madam Suparna Biswas took 5 days until its culmination on Friday 05/11/2021. Members of staff, students and the implementation committee were present during the launch which they later held a meeting on the sustainability and the implementation of the project.

The training was delivered by the Regional Coordinator officers of KBTA; Mr. William Gachie and Madam Carolyne Musyoki.

The trainees included 13 students and 11 members of the Mount Kenya University staff drawn from the various key departments in the university being MIS, ICT, Library, Examination, School of Education and PWDs students.

The training covered on the following topics;
✓ Introduction to the orbit reader 20, physical properties and the general maintenance
✓ Functions and uses of the different functional keys of the machine
✓ Connectivity of the devices with other devices using Bluetooth, Macs, IOS, e.t.c and use of the various assistive technology applications; orbit teacher app – between teacher and student, orbit chat – between a Visually Impaired student and a hearing impaired student and google braille back for phone full connection via Bluetooth.

The training was culminated by a closing ceremony in which the trainers, organizers and trainees were awarded certificates (27) of participation, appreciation and merits.

The chief guest of the event was the Co-founder and Board of Directors member Dr. Jane Nyutu together with the Mr. Peter Waweru, Principal Students and Alumni Affairs and the Coordinator of Students Abled Differently as well as Dean School of Social Sciences Dr. Serah Kimaru.

The Chief guest Dr. Jane Nyutu was so proud and glad for the success of the entire event quoting the journey of the partnership and the collaboration between the two institutions. She further assured the students that university will continue to put in measures to ensure their stay and learning is guaranteed and a success.

The coordinator Dr. Serah Kimaru appreciated all the key players who joined hands with her in the organization and during the entire training process. She further thanked Dr. Jane Nyutu for her dedication and willingness to the abled differently students through the programs and activities of PWDs students.