Policies and Constitution

This constitution is the supreme law of the Mount Kenya University Students’ Association and binds all Student Council Organs to work towards the greater good of the University and all students of Mount Kenya University.

a) The students shall only responsibly exercise their sovereign authority through their democratically elected representatives based on the spirit of this constitution, as our most valuable charter.

b) Authority is delegated and so excised it flows freely from the University Governing Council with the same cascading to the student council organs which shall perform their functions in accordance with this constitution.

These organs are:
(i) The overall students council
(ii) The Transitional committee
(iii)Constituent Campus committee


This constitution shall be applicable equally to all students and may be enforceable to all subscribers across the board to all colleges, schools and any other learning centers of Mount Kenya University as determined by the University Senate, and that branch office shall be accountable to MKUSA governing council.


To be an African role model in moulding an all-round individual who can fit into and be beneficial to the larger society.

To provide a channel through which an individual is able to attain excellence in discipline, behaviour, leadership, transparency and accountability for the betterment of the society.

1. Uphold the SPIRIT of this constitution of the student association
2. Ensure and work for students’ right to representation at organs of the university as determined by the university statutes.) Contribute towards a healthy academic and social life among students.
3. Foster the student’s awareness of the rights and responsibilities as citizens of the Republic of Kenya.
4. Encourage continued cooperation among former MKU students through the Alumni Association.
5. Strive to fulfill the noble objectives of the University research, pursuit for knowledge and community services.
6. Facilitate initiative among students, between MKU students and members of other universities, institutions and associations with similar interests.
7. Distribute and publish a magazine or other publications in which students can express their views, thoughts and other talents.
8. Strive to foster the spirit of unity and understanding among students, between students and the university administration, members of the university staff and the general public.
9. Undertake any other activity which does not conflict with this constitution or any other law or regulation in force or as laid down in the university statutes and which is beneficial to the members.
10. Endeavour to achieve its objectives devoid of political, social, religious racial bias or any other form of discrimination.
11. Ensure equal gender participation in students’ affairs at the university.
12. Raise funds through lawful means for purposes of achieving the aims and objectives of MKUSA.
13. Be committed to holding free and fair elections
14. Promote responsible behavior and sense of respect both within and outside the university.
15. Work to contribute toward promotion of education in Kenya and to the Kenyan public.
16. Work with other national and or international organizations with similar interests.