Gym and Aerobics

This is an activities that students engage mainly to keep fit and enjoy their life at MKU. The University has a fully equipped gymnastic room where student go for body building and keeping fit.

The room and equipment are accessible to all students but they are advised to use them in the presence of instructors.

M.K.U boosts of a new ultra-modern fitness studio well equipped with up to date Training Machines and Equipment and fitted with a wooden floor that helps reduce pressure on the knees when doing high impact aerobics. If you really want to get your body in to shape, aerobics is the way to go. It is one of the most effective exercise formats that one can use to get flexible and increase muscle strength.

Here are some of the benefits of regular physical activity (exercise)
1. Aerobics help to increase your metabolism
2. Boosts brain power
3. Combats health condition and diseases
4. Improves mood –boost confidence and improve self esteem
5. Boosts energy, muscle strength and endurance
6. Controls weight
7. Makes you happier and smarter.
8. The facility has carried out Successful outdoor activities with its’ members i.e. the students, these include: hiking to Mt. Longonot, Ngong hills and recently a captivating visit to the Hells Gate National Park. This has gone a long way to challenge their fitness level and boost their endurance.
9. The Gym has also held two annual Body building competitions since inception that have encouraged the members in to more rigorous Training to win this Prestigious award. The membership is growing with leaps and bound and we call all to join us in making Mt. Kenya a Haven of Physically fit and intelligent fellows