Students Security

Welcome to the security department of Mount Kenya University. Mount Kenya University places a high premium on safety and security of its staff, students and visitors. As part of our duty of care responsibility, the security department is established to maintain a safe environment for the students to stay and study; for staff to work and remain productive; and for our visitors to feel at home while conducting their businesses with us.

The security department has developed very effective policies, procedures, and protocols to guide the University in ensuring that all its risks are comprehensively identified and managed within the acceptable risk thresholds. The department is responsible for the effective enforcement of these policies and procedures.

We have integrated modern electronic security and surveillance systems to provide the University with optimum coverage 24 hours a day. This allows our students, staff, and visitors, peace of mind while they stay around with as little worry as possible.

We recognize that the response of security staff to all security-related incidents and requests needs to be people-focused. To this end, we maintain and continue to grow a professional and friendly security team through proper hire, continuous training, and capacity development.We operate an open-door policy and our security officers are always at your disposal and happy to guide and assist you fix any security-related issues promptly and efficiently.

It cannot be overemphasized that personal safety security is both individual and collective responsibility. It, therefore, cannot be left solely for the security team. Students, staff, and other members of the university community are strongly encouraged to adapt to the University’s security culture, own and cooperate with the policies, procedures, and standards, and promptly report all security-related incidents to the security department for investigation and appropriate action.

Many thanks for your cooperation and enjoy your stay with us.

Benard J. Mwaye, Chief Security Officer

Our Team

The Mount Kenya University Security department has established a clear chain of command and reliable communication lines within all its campuses to ensure smooth coordination of its operations.
The contracted security guards are also integrated into the communications plan to appropriate levels to allow effective command and control and immediate reaction to emergencies.

Our Contacts

In case of an emergency kindly call us through the contacts below or visit any security office. Mount Kenya University has a dedicated security patrol vehicles and staff who offer rapid response to security concern or issues raised by the students.

Security Hotlines: +254734434 907, (+254)0112 330 024

Security email: