At MKU, the environment is just right for the nurturing of leaders. We have a Students Council. All interested students go through an electoral process which culminates in secret balloting. They all have an equal chance to be elected regardless of where they come from.

Once elected, the student leaders engage the university management on various issues of concern. We agree to disagree then we finally agree to the satisfaction of all.

We realize that diplomatic approach to issues ensures peace and harmony on campus. Such a good atmosphere has ensured that learning activities go uninterrupted. The learning materials and facilities on campus are unparalleled hence the soaring reputation of MKU as a place to be.

Our shared vision and leadership will definitely make MKU an even better institution of higher learning not only in Africa but the world. We are proud of our university’s achievements hence our clarion

Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA) is the leading association consisting of the university student leaders.
The association is led by a democratically elected cabinet consisting of 7 members as follows:
1. MKUSA Chairperson
2. Vice-Chairperson
3. Secretary General
4. Finance Secretary
5. Academic Secretary
6. Entertainment & Social Welfare Secretary
7. Sports Secretary


1. Uphold the SPIRIT of this constitution of the students association
2. Ensure and work for students’ rights to representation at origins of the university as determined by the university statutes
3. Contribute towards a healthy academic and social life among students
4. Foster the students awareness and the rights and responsibilities as citizens of the republic of Kenya
5. Encourage continued cooperation among former MKU students through the alumni association
6. Strive to fulfil the noble objectives of the university research, pursuit for knowledge and community service
7. Facilitate initiative among students between MKU students and members of other universities and institutions with similar interests
8. Distribute and publish a magazine or other publication in which students can express their views thoughts and other talents
9. Strive to foster the spirit of unity and understanding among students, between students and the university administration, members of the university staff and the general public
10. Undertake any other activity which does not conflict with this constitution or any other law and regulation in force or as laid down in the university statutes and which is beneficial to the members
11. Endeavor to achieve its objectives devoid of political, social, religious, racial bias or any other form of discrimination
12. Ensure equal gender participation in students affairs at the university
13. Raise funds through lawful means for purposes of achieving the aims and objectives of MKUSA
14. Be committed in holding free and fair elections.
15. Promote responsible behavior and sense of respect both within and outside the university
16. Work to contribute towards promotion of education in Kenya and to the Kenyan public
17. Work with other national or international organizations with similar interests