Clubs and Associations

Students organizations, associations and clubs

Through these organizations, associations and clubs students have been able to participate in community activities, professionally related events, organize talent shows, Mr and Miss University shows, exchange visits with students in other universities/colleges, attend local and regional conferences and meetings and generally develop their social and other skills.

Registered Student Associations and Clubs

1. Pharmacy Students Association
2. Medical Laboratory Students Association
3. Rovers Club
4. Business Executives
5. Management Science Students Association
6. Peace Club
7. Red Cross Society
8. Animal Health Students Association
9. Seventh Day Adventists Group
10. I Choose Life Movement
11. Public Health Students Association
12. Christian Union
13. Divas of MKU Club
14. Muslim Students Association
15. Young Catholics Society
16. Journalism Students Club
17. Community Health Students Association
18. Bird Watchers club
19. Biomedical Laboratory Students Association
20. Information Technology Students Association
21. MKU Alumni Association
22. Clinical medicine Trainees Association
23. Hospitality and Tourism Association
24. Dental Technology Students Association

MKU alumni association has been established and which seeks to ensure a sense of ownership for all students who study at MKU. It serves to bridge the relationship between the current and former students of the university.