MKU marks World Oral Health Day

On 20 March every year, the world comes together for a common course which is to celebrate world oral health day. It is during this time that dental practitioners all over the world celebrate the milestones that has being achieved in the dental industry in response to promote good oral health all over the world. Various dental organisations take this opportunity to create awareness to the members of the society, educate and donate oral hygiene essentials.

Mount Kenya University marks World Oral Health Day in Thika Campus

To mark this special day, Mount Kenya University Dental Students Association {MKUDESA} was privileged to not only partner with but also host the Oral Health Association of Kenya {OHAK}. The two Associations came together and organised a community sensitization event with the theme A happy mouth is a happy body. The event was not only to impact the students and staff of Mount Kenya University but also the surrounding communities. The event took place at the Mwai Kibaki Convention Center.

To represent the Oral Health Association of Kenya association was their Vice-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Other organisations that accompanied Oral Health Association of Kenya were companies that deal with dental products. In attendance was a team from Sensodyne, Listerine and Eezi toothpaste. All the teams were generous enough to carry samples for distribution during the event.

Mount Kenya University marks World Oral Health Day

The event objective was to provide free oral health sensitization, education and screening to the students, staff and community members. Activities were as follows;

                              1. Awareness walk

                              2. Oral Health Education

                              3. Oral Screening/check up 

The event kicked off at 10:00am, starting with the awareness walk. The school faculties, staff and students participated in the awareness walk from the university all the way to Thika town and back. University band and security team ensured the safety of the people in attendance. The school also provided the school ambulance for any health hazards experienced during the walk. 

After a successful walk, we had a small briefing at the Auditorium just to make the attendees be vaster with the day. Had speeches from the OHAK representatives, MKUDESA patron Mr.Kangogo, HOD Dental sciences Mr.Mbogo and MKUDESA executives. We then proceeded to education and diagnosis of patients from both inside and outside the school. This was done by dental students from the department.

Closing ceremony was held at around 4:00pm.The event was a great success.TV47 covered the event.