Meet Kerubo Orina’s; Inspiring Journey through Leadership and Resilience

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we sat down with Kerubo Orina, a remarkable fifth-year medical student at Mount Kenya University,

In an exclusive interview, Miss Kerubo shared insights into her multifaceted life, where she seamlessly balances academic pursuits, leadership roles, and community impact initiatives.

Miss Kerubo Orina

Kerubo Orina, born and raised in Ogembo town, Kisii County, Kenya, has always been a trailblazer. Her journey began with a dream to become a surgeon, defying societal norms and expectations.

“I was born and raised in Ogembo town, Kisii County, Kenya, a first born among four siblings. I am a Christian and a youth member at Sunshine SDA church in Ogembo town. Currently, I am the Local officer for the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) in MKU and Mount Kenya University Medical Students Association Swimming club (MKUMSA) SEALS captain”

[Miss Kerubo Orina, 5th year MBChB student]

Hobbies and Community Impact

From her high school days at Limuru Girls’ School, Kerubo embraced swimming, dancing, singing, and learning new languages and cultures

Kerubo shares “I have gained a huge liking for swimming, which I first embraced back in high school at Limuru Girls’ School” a hobby that has morphed into the captain of Medical School swimming club.

Nevertheless, her impact extends beyond personal interests. She actively engages in community projects, advocating for women’s empowerment and combating antimicrobial resistance.

 “I am a member of the LEOs Club in MKU also a recent graduate of United Nations Millennium Fellowship. I serve as a member of Students against Superbugs, in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance”

Academic Journey

Despite the challenges of medical school, Kerubo’s determination remains unshaken. With the support of friends and mentors, she navigates through the rigorous curriculum, staying true to her dream of becoming a surgeon.

“For as long as I can recall, I have always dreamt of being a doctor, a surgeon to be specific”. She adds “This dream and aspiration saw me finish my secondary school exam and even with  a few hiccups along the way, I managed to join Mount Kenya University, School of Medicine in 2019”.

The 5th year Medical Student cognizant of the tedious and demanding nature of her course, embraces the challenges and learning.

“Medical School in itself can take such a heavy toll on a student. From several units, to long lectures, not forgetting the pressure of passing your end of year exams. The are good times too painted by friends, course mates, lecturers and mentors”

Favorite Dish

Amidst her academic pursuits, Kerubo finds solace in her favorite meals – Ugali with roasted beef stew or fish, and a perfectly prepared bowl of beans and white rice, reflecting her appreciation for both Kenyan tradition and diversity.

Leadership Journey

From a class prefect to her current roles as Local Officer, Standing Committee on Public Health and captain of the MKUMSA SEALS, Kerubo’s leadership journey is a testament to her resilience and dedication to serving others. She explains below

“My role as a class prefect all through primary school at Elsa Preparatory and Junior Academy pushed my limits and encouraged me to become the Senior Academy Captain in high school at Limuru Girls’ School. I became the Local Officer for the Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) in my third year in campus before becoming the Academic Secretary in MKUMSA 2023, during my Fourth year of study”.

She also adds,

“Currently, I am the Local Officer for the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) in MKU and the Captain for MKUMSA Swimming team, MKUMSA SEALS”

Co-curricular Activities

Kerubo’s passion for swimming, this led her to co-find the MKUMSA Swimming team, aiming to promote mental health awareness among medical students.

“It’s this passion that led me working with the current MKUMSA president and founded MKUMSA Swimming team (MKUMSA SEALS). Its main vision is to champion for mental health among medical students in Mount Kenya University, keep fit and also gain swimming skills which many now say, is as necessary as knowing how to ride a bicycle.”

 Through her leadership, she inspires others to embrace healthy hobbies and pursue their passions.

A Word for Girls and Women

Reflecting on her own experiences, Kerubo encourages girls and women to believe in their strength and capabilities. She shares her admiration for “Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly, a story that highlights the power of women, particularly women of color, in science.

I am currently reading a book by Margot Lee Shetterly, “Hidden Figures”; I would recommend it to any girl and everyone who needs an inspiration to push beyond the limits that the society has set”

In her parting words, Kerubo offers encouragement to students embarking on their medical journey, reminding them of the light at the end of the tunnel and the importance of perseverance.

Kerubo Orina’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere, reminding us of the transformative power of resilience, leadership, and empowerment. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, her story resonates as a testament to the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and persevere.

Story by Manyara Heri