Meet Stella Chau a graduand from school of Public Health

Tell Us About Yourself

I’m Ms. Stella Chau, a school of Public Health, Nutrition and Dietetics graduand hailing from Kiambu County. I’m Kenyan by birth, a health & peace advocate, goal-oriented, diligent, industrious and passionate soul. I am also a perfectionist and problem solver.

What are your hobbies/ interests?

 My hobbies include getting involved in volunteer activities, participating in community work, swimming, reading articles and currently building interest in research and innovations.

In three words describe your academic journey

God. Goals. Grace (from family, tutors & friends).

How did you become interested in the course you’re studying, and finally joining Mount Kenya University?

I gained interest in pursuing Nutrition & Dietetics after looking for uniqueness in seeking effective treatment via other methods other than the use of modern day medicine which can serve a lifetime and is generally affordable, feasible, easily accessible & sustainable.

Are there incidences you recall while growing up that made you choose your course?

Absolutely. For almost if not all of my life, I’ve grown within and around hospital environs which made me have a passion for most courses in the medical field. I’ve also had a personal journey and exposure to illness that has over the years driven me to a passion of offering an alternative to medicine. Achieved through living and leading a healthy lifestyle while making informed healthy choices.

What was your most exciting moment in campus?

My most exciting moment has to be any time I got engaged and involved in school co-curricular activities where I met and made new friends, networked, connected and all practical lessons.

What Co-curricular activities did you engage in during campus?

Being in Leadership and membership of various clubs not limited to but including swimming, scrabble, badminton, health students & nutrition/dietetics students association, red cross & salsa

Can you tell us a bit about your course?

Nutrition & Dietetics is one underrated course that falls under Medical school, in the school of Public Health. This a course that deals with the study of nutrients in food and the relation among diet, health and disease in human. It is a course that’s broad that one could venture into several fields but to touch base on the medical field, professionals in this field don’t just prescribe feeds and diet as is commonly known to most people. They carry out integrated assessments to ensure optimum nutritionally healthy benefits.

It is quite a broad and fun, detailed course!

How did the pandemic affect your education?

I remember at first, I was just halfway through my swimming classes and when the government gave an impromptu order for closure of schools, I thought somehow, they’d allow for us to at least finish the exams because we were few weeks away. Having to adapt to a whole concept of online studies and missing the first set of exams, switching fast to training of how to use online systems and into learning was such a challenged. The impact was hard as lock down found me still within the University environment and stayed throughout until lifting of the lockdown. Learning some of the units that had both theoretical and practical lessons was quite challenging.

What are your career plans for after MKU and how did you decide upon them?

I am a scholar. l would want to further my studies and venture into one specific area in the medical field while also working on my ideas towards innovation.

What most excites you about your future?

That God puts destiny shapers and way makers that’ll lead you to where you’re meant/made to be to make a living and reach out to help other people. That also, other people are the ones to lead me to my “open doors” therefore all I have to do is be diligent with people around me. I’m also excited by the fact that I have the power within me and can achieve anything when I tap into the right energies, people but most of all, keep in Sync with my Maker!

What advice do you have for continuing and prospective students pursuing your course?

Pursue the course passionately. There are opportunities out there but only if you look harder, network with the right circles and reach out to more people. Be diligent, disciplined, be consistent, grab opportunities around you, manage your time well, learn something new every day and give yourself plus the world the best version of you!  Jitume!

How can they make the best use of their time while pursuing their course at MKU?

Take advantage of the opportunities around the campus. They are in plenty especially now that there are no longer so much strict restrictions due to Covid-19. Join growth clubs, engage in co-curricular activities including sports and have daily methods of operations. This will help in managing and utilizing your time well as well as knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses. A little knowledge & skills come a long way in the life outside campus!

What will you miss most about your undergraduate experience?

I will miss the learning modes, my lecturers, the opportunities I was able to participate in, courtesy of MKU which have greatly influenced and developed my CV. Above all, the moments I shared with University staff and my friends.

Did you have a favorite lecture, or lecturer in MKU?

The lecturers in my department all deserve the “favorite lecturer” title. They all have each individually held my hand and walked with me patiently in my study journey since the day I joined MKU in 2017. I’m even more humbled that they still are even presently!

Who is your role model and why?

Barack Obama & Lupita Nyong’o are my role models.

I admire and look up to them because they dared to be different and later on shone & rose to greatness by working persistently until they achieved their dream(s)

What is your message to University Students as we approach General National elections?

Having the privilege to be part of the 2nd International Peace Conference earlier in June, my major takeaway was Peace, Love and Unity. I know Kenya is a youthful nation as majority of the population are youths. Vote wisely, preach peace peacefully, detach from violence and avoid being used by politicians. Do not let Greed and Hatred be the rule of the day.

 There is life after Elections. We’re one, less we forget!

What was your lowest moment in campus and how did you navigate?

While in my final year, in both programs of my study, I lost my loving Father then got unwell that I was unable to keep up with my classes. I was immobile for almost 2 months. My family and one of my lecturers helped source me a great doctor who worked aptly to see to my recovery. I’d say God’s grace walked me through it all.

If you were to go back, what would you do differently?

Nothing much. I’d grab the opportunities around the school more and network as much as I can, like never before.

What are some of the challenges you encountered during your Undergraduate?

Juggling my studies with student leadership and my Health/well-being.

What’s your favorite dish?

Pilau/Biryani, Sweet corn salsa salad & Coated Chicken/Fish.

What book are you currently reading?

Atomic Habits by James Clear.

What’s your parting shot?

Thank you, Mount Kenya University, thank you all for your support. I am moulded into an amazing person ready to dare the world. Keep unlocking infinite possibilities!