Digital Space is “Goldmine for Kenyan Youth”

Article By: Cynthia Onyango

“Online jobs are paying. Unemployed educated youths should shift their gaze”

In the wake of the internet and social media buzz, a lack of skill for online jobs is unfair to one’s self. Yes. Especially during this time when almost everyone knows a youth somewhere who has no job but has attained some formal education.

Look, let’s not decorate the meaning of being unemployed. It’s dreadful. While the economy of the country is staggering, youths must start shifting their attention towards online sites that offer jobs and not physical office work. Offices are now found online by working indoors According to the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), Kenya’s unemployment rate is at 12.7% with youth who make up 35% of the country’s population being the highest unemployed at 67%. With over one million young people diving into the labor market every year, youth unemployment is an impending disaster. Online jobs are an absolute quick remedy. Today, almost every household has someone who owns a smartphone or a laptop with a basic internet connection. With the help of the government through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and the Digital Economy, a strategic plan for opening of digital superhighway to Kenya’s economy is an advantage to the Kenyan youth. The implementation of last-mile connectivity in all public institutions and the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces is more useful for those who need to take short online courses. An online job seeker just needs to part themselves with simple skills like basic computer literacy which in many institutions is a common unit, written communication, and time management skills.

Some of the most available and highly paying jobs include social media management, transcription, graphic designing, proofreading, copywriting, and virtual assistance amongst many others. A committed individual with good skills can earn even up to Kenya Shillings 7,000 per day. Simply, if you choose to work twenty days in a month then you end up pocketing Ksh. 140, 000. Enough to pay bills and start simple investments. With many Youtubers and online sites offering these skills for free, jobs are just a click away. Some jobs like proofreading only require one to read written material and then review the work for grammar and spelling mistakes. A transcriptionist only listens to audio and video recordings and then writes the words with lots of accuracy. Online jobs also come with lots of benefits. The payment is much better since the market rate many times is globally calculated hence favoring service providers. Also, one can work from anywhere, and have more time on their hands since there’s no traveling. Additionally, there are increased job opportunities and a healthy working environment which translate to a boost in mental health. Working from home is comfortable. The environment makes you more relaxed and very productive. But, the most vital tactic is to keep acquiring more skills once you make it into the market. This will ensure that you remain relevant for many opportunities and subsequently makes you an expert. A hotcake for freelance service seekers!

So, for a youth who craves control over working time and financial independence, the Internet is the way to go. The labor space is very competitive and a calculated working tactic is appropriate for the prosperity of not only youths but an entire nation. The Internet is a goldmine to explore!