MKU Medical Students Association Hosts Spectacular Finalist Dinner

The Mount Kenya University Medical Students Association (MKUMSA) made history by hosting an exquisite finalist dinner at the prestigious Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi in partnership with UNFPA, Amref, Absa Bank, Cosmos Kenya, Square Pharmaceuticals LTD, Metropolitan Hospital, Kenya Medical Association Sacco, and Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union and the Council. The event organized by MKUMSA Board lead by their President Mr. Abdihakim Abdi was held on the balmy evening of August 5th, 2023, brought together the entire class of 2023 in a celebration of accomplishments, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to tackling the Triple Threat: HIV, Adolescent Pregnancies, and Gender-Based Violence.

The event’s theme, “The Role of Young Healthcare Providers in Addressing the Triple Threat,” resonated deeply with the medical students and guests in attendance. This year’s dinner aimed to underscore the importance of engaging and empowering young healthcare professionals in the fight against pressing societal challenges.

Gracing the occasion as the chief guest was the esteemed Prof. Deogratious Jaganyi, the Vice Chancellor of Mount Kenya University. His presence added an air of significance to the evening, emphasizing the university’s commitment to fostering proactive and empathetic healthcare practitioners.

The dinner’s opulent setting at the Ole Sereni Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for the event’s significance. The elegant ballroom was adorned with thematic décor, showcasing symbolic representations of unity, empowerment, and the determination to overcome the Triple Threat.

The highlight of the evening was the thought-provoking keynote address delivered by Prof. Jaganyi. He commended the students’ dedication to their studies and emphasized the pivotal role they would play in shaping the future of healthcare. Prof. Jaganyi stressed the importance of collaboration among healthcare professionals and the need to approach these challenges with both clinical expertise and a compassionate heart.

The multicultural aspect of the event was enriched by the presence of medical students from various corners of the world. Attendees from France, Italy, Poland, and Spain, who were on exchange programs at Mount Kenya University, added a global perspective to the discussions. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of these students highlighted the universality of the Triple Threat and the necessity of working together to find solutions.

The evening continued with lively discussions and conversations among the attendees. Students engaged in thought-provoking debates, sharing their insights on the challenges they are likely to face as future healthcare providers. The exchange students also shared their observations and experiences from their respective countries, sparking a cross-cultural exchange of ideas.

The gala dinner showcased more than just academic achievements. It revealed the commitment of Mount Kenya University’s medical students to make a tangible impact on their communities and beyond. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and determination.

As the evening came to a close, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of optimism and unity. The MKUMSA finalist dinner of 2023 was not only a celebration of accomplishments, but also a proclamation of dedication to creating positive change in the realm of healthcare.

With the guidance of dedicated educators like Prof. Deogratious Jaganyi and the enthusiasm of students from around the world, the future holds great promise for addressing the Triple Threat and creating a world where healthcare professionals play an instrumental role in shaping a healthier, safer, and more equitable society. Other speakers included Dr. Njuguna Principal College of Health Sciences, Dr. Gathara Dean Medical School, Dr. Noella Orata Faculty Representative among others.

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