Mount Kenya University tops at National Music Festival

Mount Kenya University students perform a choral verse during the Kenya National Music Festival at Dedan Kimathi University

MKU emerged victorious as 95th Edition of the Kenya National Music Festival on Friday 18th August, 2023 at Dedan Kimathi University

MKU was represented by students from Main Campus Thika, Nairobi Campus and Parkland Law Campus they presented the winning choral verse entitled ‘Traverse ‘ , which encourages Kenyans to travel across the country and promote local tourism.

Main Campus representatives also won a top prize with a choral verse entitled ‘The Worm‘ which talks about the effects of terrorism. It urges Kenyans to work together in the fight against terrorism.

Nakuru campus’ swahili choral verse entitled ‘ Tovuti ‘ won a top prize. It encourages the public on the importance of discipline and good use of the internet.

Nairobi campus won six choral verses, beating competitors from public and private universities.

Article by: Anthony Njagi